Here at Lovett Financial we always want to make sure you have the best product options available to you. When it comes to annuities the rates and hot products are constantly changing. Lovett Financial has access to nearly all annuity carriers, and are happy to assist you with your annuity needs. Whether it is MYG’s, SPIA’s, traditional annuities, or indexed annuities, we are here to help. Because there is constant change, we have tried to simplify these for you with a snapshot of the current rates and a couple of examples of our best-selling indexed Annuities.

Snapshot of the best MYGs.

This will be updated every Monday.

We have also chosen these indexed annuities to show a sampling of the products available to you. Next to the product I have just pointed out some of the selling points, see product illustrations and approved agent guides for complete details.

Sagicor The strength of this product is the guarantees. The product includes a 5% bonus and a guaranteed minimum return of 2%. By the end of year two(assuming no withdrawals) the client’s guaranteed surrender value is greater than the initial deposit.

Genworth We have selected the 7 year version of their product. Their product offers excellent cap rates based on our current rate environment. The cap rates increase at $100k and at $250k.

EquiTrust This is an excellent example of a lifetime income rider product. This product is purchased with the sole purpose of turning the income on in the future. The example we used was a 50 year old depositing $100k and turning the income on at age 65.

Great American This is an excellent quality product with great rider options. It has a death benefit rider as well as an income rider, and a rider that combines both. Please see the flier attached for excellent commissions as well, up to 10%!!!

Please give us a call for full details on these products. I am a firm believer that there is not one annuity that is a fit for everyone, and nearly every client has different goals and objectives. Please contact us today to discuss your client’s needs.