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What Makes Us Different?

A message from Richard “Rich” Lovett, Lovett Financial President & CEO

Oftentimes, I am asked “What is the difference between brokerage agencies”?

Over the past 30 years, I have had the privilege of running my own regional brokerage agency as well as working for a national brokerage agency. With this experience, I understand the internal workings and processes for both. I also understand the perceived differences between the two.

Any brokerage agency can provide you with access to multiple insurance companies and products, offer top compensation, claim to be the best in underwriting, service and more. However, these points do not differentiate any firm from another.

In my opinion, what differentiates one agency from another can be boiled down to one word “relationships”. In today’s market, the size of the firm has a much smaller bearing than the relationship you have with your contacts at the agency.

Let’s face it, we don’t do business with a company name, we do business with a “relationship” that has been built with a person.

We all want to be treated like we matter.

We at Lovett Financial have a culture of building long lasting relationships with our agents/advisors.

So my answer to the above question is “relationships”.

Rich Lovett
President & CEO